SAG_Twitter_MEME_Adabas&NaturalRelease_880x440_Aug18Get ready for the future with Adabas & Natural. At our 2018 product release event, we will show you how Adabas & Natural can be an integral part of your digitalization initiatives – by creating new sources of revenue, transforming your business model, innovating and moving faster.

It’s all part of our Adabas & Natural 2050+ initiative, strengthening our commitment and fulfilling our promise to bring your decades-old applications into the modern world. If your company is running Adabas & Natural, it’s almost certainly to power mission-critical operations. With the speed of digital business change accelerating, you need new ways to build on these current applications that will bring your operations into the digital future.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be presenting the latest from Adabas & Natural. Instead of ripping and replacing your existing applications, we’ll show how you can build on them to bring the future of business into your company, such as introducing DevOps, cloud and APIs.

As a preview to the October product release event, I want to share six ways Software AG will help you build your future with Adabas & Natural:

  1. Develop and deliver applications faster, more transparently and in a higher quality with Eclipse-based NaturalONE and DevOps – now with extended capabilities in DevOps tool chain integration and screen test automation.
  2. Run Adabas & Natural in container and cloud environments (like Docker®, Kubernetes and Red Hat®, OpenShift), improve the scalability and simplify the provisioning and deployment.
  3. Save costs with mainframe offloading to the IBM® zIIP™ processor without taking risks in operations or needing to make code changes. We are now offering additional zIIP offloading capabilities for Adabas to offload even more workload.
  4. Expose Natural business logic with a one-click approach as API services. With the new version of EntireX, you will be able to support standard REST/JSON™ interfaces. These API services can easily be plugged into an API management platform.
  5. Gain data insights by integrating Adabas with data warehouse, business intelligence, cloud, artificial intelligence and big data-/-data lake technologies (such as in-memory, NoSQL, Hadoop® and ElasticSearch®).
  6. Manage the generational change – New self-learning videos and renewed Adabas & Natural product training make it easy to train new talent.

Register for the 2018 product release virtual conference by clicking below to learn more.

See you in October!

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