SAG_Twitter_MEME_2018_Release_880x440_Sep18Join us at Software AG’s second virtual conference coming this October to learn about ARIS's new features and innovations for 2018, and learn why you have even more reasons to trust ARIS.

During our journey we will show you how ARIS reinforces the enterprise digital twin concept with its newest releases capabilities around professional process modeling– among others, BPMN 2.0 - and knowledge sharing in large enterprise scenarios. An appealing end-user interface and its ease of use combined with integrated process mining, performance measurement and GDPR support complement the newest ARIS offerings towards excellence.

Here’s an overview of the hot stuff:

  • Large enterprise scenarios enablement. For large and mission-critical use-cases (e.g. QMS) based on ARIS, ease of operations is secured with technical enhancements around license monitoring; standard based - SAML - single-sign on support and simplified backup functionalities. High quality, even in distributed modeling, is made easy with templates, design standards – BPMN, DMN - and semantic checks.
  • End-user experience. ARIS offers a single source of truth based on a compelling user interface: Easy information consumption especially in ARIS Connect with easy navigation, printing & exporting as well as embedding ARIS information in external tools. Smart modeling in the web makes designers’ lives easier with automated alignment, intelligent objects and user experience improvements. Tests around Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant pave the way forward for speech-based interactions.
  • Business & IT alignment. ARIS connects the business with the underlying IT and ensures success of IT implementations. ARIS has added many features around process automation with the 100% support of the BPMN 2.0 standards as well as DMN 1.2 modeling. IoT projects can be enhanced with real-time data collected from Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT solution. The integration to SAP® gains maturity: extended synchronization to SAP Solution Manager 7.2., training support with a direct connection to SAP Enable Now and a process-driven approach based on SAP Activate to secure successful migration to SAP S/4HANA.
  • Process mining. ARIS extends its offering around process mining. AI-powered process conformance checking, AI-supported process analytics and significantly improved self-service capabilities for creating dashboard analyses in a lightweight, web-based UI. The new root cause miner capability helps you detect root causes for process bottlenecks like long process cycle time or high process costs automatically. These are just some of the major developments of ARIS Process Mining to help you to understand your business even better.
  • GDPR compliance. Ensure GDPR compliance with best-in-class tools. The ARIS accelerators for GDPR offer enhanced method extensions, templates and questionnaires for data protection impact assessments, evaluations, dashboards and management reports to ensure good data protection practices.

Still not enough? Then do not miss the ARIS track during our Product Release Virtual Event on Oct. 9-11. Designed with your convenience in mind, this virtual event repeats across three days, at three different times, to give you more options to participate. We’ve made it so easy for you to attend — don’t miss it!

There you can see Dr. Helge Hess, head of ARIS Product Marketing and Management dive into the newest features of the release, and you’ll also have the chance to participate in the online Q&A session and get YOUR questions answered directly by our experts!

Trust us; you do not want to miss this.

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