SAG_twitter_MEME_ARIS-elements-first-steps_880x440_Jan20An easy-to-use tool for business process management can mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving.

To survive in a competitive world it is inevitable – and imperative - for companies to change. Unfortunately, many people dislike change. They are afraid of the unknown, or even of losing their jobs. This fear of change can hamper any organization’s growth - or success in the market.

Around 70% of change programs fail to achieve their goals, due to employee resistance and lack of management support, according to McKinsey. That is a big number. Failed or badly implemented change can damage your productivity and morale - leading to your valued employees leaving the company. It can also have a negative impact on your customers and suppliers.

Starters in business process management, or smaller business units with limited resources, are particularly vulnerable to failed change management. They often struggle when looking for a professional tool to help them; they are either not good enough, too expensive or just can’t scale. Too much functionality at the beginning can be overwhelming and it consumes too much time getting familiar with it. On the other hand, it can be frustrating when a tool shows its limits after a short time.

But, what if you could make sure your employees were truly invested in change? McKinsey noted that, if they are, your change program is 30% more likely to “stick.”

Using processes to manage change

This is where business process management comes into play. A prerequisite for successful change is to know what you are doing right now, then you can define what and how changes have to be done. If they had an easy-to-use tool to get them started on documenting and sharing business processes in a commonly understandable way, they could uncover a single source of truth - the starting point for future change and growth.

ARIS Basic is this tool. ARIS Basic is the new cloud edition for business process management that is tailored to the needs of starters and smaller requirements - with the option to scale later when requested. The software provides an attractive user interface and easy model creation with a fine selection of most important model types. You can use Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), whatever you prefer. You can then easily publish and share your results with the team.

ARIS Basic is now available and can be purchased easily via our online shop: Users can start with a 30-day free trial and then decide if they want to extend. Two user types are available: designers with edit rights and viewers with real-only rights.

Manage your change, making sure all stakeholders are truly invested. Find out more about ARIS Basic in the know-how section on the ARIS Community site. 

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