SAG_DYK_Twitter_MEME_DevOps_Opt1(1).jpgDevops has gone beyond being a trendy buzzword and is now getting real adoption across all industry segments.

Today, it is receiving attention from industry analysts, marketers, bloggers, software developers and, more importantly, IT departments in large and small enterprises. Why? Devops helps businesses compete by delivering innovations to customers faster and more reliably. The ultimate goal of devops is continuous delivery where developers own the “build and deploy” cycle to build applications faster. Continuous integration plays a big role in making it a reality.

Over time we have infused webMethods with exciting new capabilities to enable Continuous Integration. We want you to know exactly what these capabilities are; so in this, the first of a series of blogs, we will discuss devops.

Devops can unify your software development and operations activities, combining local development and automated testing to facilitate continuous integration for faster delivery. Imagine being able to create and edit code from anywhere – on your desktop or laptop to develop faster and quickly run automated tests to verify the quality before the deployment.

webMethods DevOps Edition offers the ideal combination of local development and automated testing to take developer productivity to new heights. This is a key requirement of any successful devops and continuous delivery program. It also helps you to maintain your focus on delivering value to your customers as you ramp up development and delivery.

Here is why webMethods DevOps Edition matters to you:

  1. Code no matter where you are.

You can create and edit code on your desktop or laptop without connecting to a central shared server, improving productivity and shortening the cycle for fixes and new features. This is a great feature for your remote teams.

  1. Test your code changes faster.

You can run unit tests efficiently using an automated test framework, which accelerates development and improves code quality by preventing fixes from breaking anything else.

  1. Become customer-centric.

You can enhance the value to your end customer by delivering higher quality applications faster and with fewer defects.

  1. Devops made easy.

It’s quick and easy to install. Run test units from your desktop or laptop, anytime, without the need for access to back-end systems.

  1. Get more value.

It’s cost-effective—no additional server or hardware required. Supports and leverages VCS plug-ins that you use today.

  1. Maximize efficiencies.

You will be able to repeatedly execute services that are typically dependent on external resources for comprehensive testing.

I would bet that these are all things that you didn’t know about webMethods DevOps Edition. Visit our brand-new webMethods Innovation Hub to learn more about what we can do.    

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