SAG_Twitter_MEME_Quick-&_Easy_integration_880x440_Sep19Even in the dark and geeky recesses of R&D, or in the hearts of the pridefully technical product managers, deep down they all yearn to hear from end-users that what they’ve developed and created - is easy to use.

Ask EDI specialists and daily users of automated partner management integration solutions and they’ll tell you: “Please don’t make my daily business routine more difficult than it has to be.” In fact, they’ll tell you that making their user experience “non-difficult” is not enough.  What they really want is software so quick, so easily navigated, that it sits patiently awaiting their next command.

We’d like to show you what we mean by inviting you to join us this Thursday, September 26th for our DevCast Demos presentation, “Accelerating the Speed of B2B Integration.”

Our live demo will focus on the new release of B2B, Software AG’s new fully-hosted, SaaS-based, B2B Integration solution.

You’ll see how to:

• Quickly onboard new partner profiles and easily maintain partner details and communication preferences – with a few clicks

• Use centralized control and monitoring for all partner activities, communications and transactions

• Track and trace encryption/decryption certificates and expiration dates across the entire trading partner portfolio

• Leverage 14,000-plus document types supported through standard industry protocols

• Extensively customize anything in a standard document as required for priority partners

To register immediately, please click below.

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