SAG_Twitter_MEME_Mystified_Sep16.pngEvery sales deal is different, the process is often chaotic, and the reasons for success or failure are not always clear. Confusion is compounded through the involvement of diverse business units, and a lack of alignment between sales and strategic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Software AG has come up with an exciting new solution to this problem; a flexible solution that allows you to dynamically analyze both sales data and the processes behind it. Software AG’s Sales Process Optimization solution helps you understand, track, and compare sales processes, so you can identify the optimum process for your organization.

With this solution, you can classify sales processes to compare apples-to-apples, and analyze active processes on a day-to-day basis—or when triggered by exceptional events. Combine the solution with Process Performance Manager to maximize the power of both, and get a clear understanding of your sales processes and workflows across your entire enterprise 

With Software AG‘s Sales Process Optimization solution you can:

Compare anything with anything with powerful analytics

Leverage the power of dynamic analysis to get an overview, and all the details, on your sales processes. Combine any data to create your own views using a simple filter panel. Every step is visually represented with details, data, and metrics. Save your favorite queries and reuse when needed. View data by quarter, product group, deal size, location, POC, etc.

Benchmark data to see what works and what doesn’t

Dynamically draw aggregated process flows and create flow charts to identify trends. You can benchmark key criteria to define dependencies, sales cycles, processes, and the root causes for wins/losses. Visually navigate through opportunities and display instance tables illustrating every step in the selected sales process. Activate the clipboard to view win/loss opportunities to benchmark and compare side-by-side to see what’s working best.

Aggregating processes helps you define your optimum process

Many times, sales processes are chaotic and undefined. With Salesforce, you can select multiple opportunities, layer and aggregate those processes into one common view. View, export, and use to design the best sales process for your organization.

Publish results in Software AG MashZone NextGen

Easily publish your results in MashZone so users can view data through role-based graphical dashboards. Combine relevant KPIs and simplifying results with interactive traffic lights, trend charts, and other insightful indicators.

Take the chaos out of your sales processes and lift the hood on

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