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B2B integration with XML in the cloud

Are you creating and working with XML standards for B2B? If so, you will want to keep reading!

Cloud makes uncertainty less uncertain

Having the power of choice is critical, especially in times of uncertainty - and these are certainly uncertain times we are...

What could be better than free?

Who loves a free software trial? You programmers, integration specialists and business “citizen developers,” that’s who.

Free Trial of webMethods 10.4!

The latest release of the webMethods Integration Platform, version 10.4, is now available for a free trial.

iPaas: Making “Full Integration” Faster, Easier

The iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) market is growing, fueled by drivers like IoT, B2B, APIs and SaaS...

Opening the Door to DevOps Monitoring

As more companies adopt DevOps, they find they need a monitoring strategy to help prevent costly business disruptions.

Are you Mystified by your Salesforce.com data?

Every sales deal is different, the process is often chaotic, and the reasons for success or failure are not always clear.


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