Explore a truly connected world

conXion 2021: Geoffrey Moore speaks

The biggest mistake you can make in a truly connected world is to be disconnected. But transforming your organization to...

Customer experience and The Night Watch

What does Rembrandt’s painting have to do with customer experience?

The 100-trillion-dollar jackpot

Can you picture $1 trillion dollars? In $1 bill terms the stack of cash would stretch almost three times around the Earth’s...

Play your queen's gambit in IoT

Today is IoT Day, when those of us in the IoT community are encouraged to get together and learn from each other by talking.

How 5G edge computing enables time-critical applications

Distance is relative. For an industrial robot on the factory floor, the distance between it and the nearest compute resource...

IoT and the digital paradox

Many organizations are in the throes of a digital paradox; failing to use one of the most disruptive technologies to pursue...

Disillusioned with smart social distancing apps?

The outbreak of Covid-19 at the beginning of this year gave rise to the frantic development of a whole new range of devices...

IoT can get you back to work

 The City of London usually welcomes around 550,000 workers daily. Today that number is closer to 15,000.

2020! But on the bright side…

The pessimist says, "Things can't get any worse."

The optimist says, "Oh yes they can."

Go to work, but keep your distance

The economic fallout from the pandemic is motivating businesses to reopen, but the fact remains that the virus is still an...


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