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IoT Habit #1: Lead with Use Cases
The number one habit that successful Internet of Things projects have in common is leading with use cases.
The Seven Habits of Highly Successful IoT Projects

The Internet of Things market is showing early signs of maturity, but there are still many projects that stumble*.

Six Red-hot IoT Predictions for 2018

The Internet of Things is hotter than ever and in 2018 there will be more collaboration between market leaders, even as the...

GDPR and IoT: Three Things you need to Know

Hackers seem to always go after the weakest link; the current wave of “wannacry” attacks is testimony. 

Will AI become the new UI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has given us the likes of Siri, Google and Amazon’s Alexa, but is talking to devices the future...

Will your Digital Twin be a Genie?

Having a digital twin that acts like a proverbial genie from the lamp may sound like a fairy tale, but the subject is...

IoT is Ready for a Wave of Adoption

In 2005, I went with my family to the beach and my oldest sons started surfing; naturally the youngest longed to be a surfer...

When IoT, Sundials and Pokemon Go Collide

It was May, 2016, and I was on a business trip in Sao Paulo when my son called me and said: “Dad! It is amazing the number...

IoT Prepares to Enter the Human Body

This year we will see more and more experiments where Internet of Things devices enter the human body for diagnosis and for...

Brush Your Teeth: The Dentist is Watching

Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush that sends data to your dentist might sound a little farfetched.


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