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Stay agile to manage change

Over the last four weeks, I’ve shared my thoughts on the wonderfully underrated topic of management of change (MoC).

Process modeling: Yay or nay?

Is process modeling redundant? A necessary evil? Or a blessing in disguise?

Business transformation: A multi-dimensional chess game

Organizations are a lot like a chess game, move one piece and there is an effect on the others (expected or unexpected).

Take transparency to the next level with process mining

If there is one technology topic that has taken flight over the last year or two, it is process mining.

Process mining takes transparency to the next level

If there has been one technological development that has really taken flight lately it is process mining.

Combining risk and compliance management with BPM

Every day when you open the newspapers (digital or physical), you can read about data leaks, scandals and other mishaps that...

Process Governance: Stay in control of BPM

When discussing the topic of process governance with customers, partners, and internal experts, it always boils down to the...

BPM: Alignment is the word

Over the last four weeks I have found myself involved in seemingly unrelated topics, all of these in the business process...


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