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Microservices Enter Integration Mainstream

Microservices is about to become an important part of every integration toolkit. 

Integration 2017: Specialists Not Required

Integration is becoming a pervasive problem across businesses, with ad hoc and non-technical developers — as well as...

How to Adopt Google APIs — Easily and Quickly

The need for cloud integration continues to grow. That's because the number and variety of cloud-based services is growing...

In 2017, Integrate Everything with Everything

Integration is no longer your IT department’s problem; it is everyone’s problem.

Highlighting Integration at Gartner’s Application Summit

Software AG will showcase one of its most innovative customers – Grainger – along with its webMethods Integration platform...

Hybrid Integration: Ensure Data Quality

We have now been through the first five steps to creating a hybrid integration strategy.

With Hybrid Integration, Flexibility is Key
Not all hybrid integration projects are created equal. Some projects are mission critical. Some are rapid development...
Hybrid Integration: Meet Project Demands

With an increase in the number of SaaS applications, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for integration...

Hybrid Integration: Know your Users

As your organization adopts a hybrid cloud/on-premises integration strategy, it is important to determine which departments...

Hybrid Integration: Take Control

As I said in my last blog, many organizations realize that not everything in their integration toolkit belongs in the cloud....


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