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Fixing the supply chain while lowering emissions

A truck drives from A to B and returns empty. This is clearly not economically or ecologically responsible.

Solving signal problems for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars… love them or hate them, they are coming to a city near you. In Germany, the Bundestag has just passed a...

The energy-flexible factory of the future

With renewable energy sources for power generation gaining ground, German utilities have to ensure that they can still...

Happy World Environment Day!

In the natural world, everything is interconnected; trees create the oxygen that you breathe, the sun feeds the plants that...

Managing Power to Help Save the Planet

Solar, wind and water power can supply enough energy to allow us to live comfortably on a sustainable basis.

How a Research Project Makes Food Better

Tick, tick, tick, tick… The packaging machine in the chocolate factory rattles as it handles 550 bars per minute.

Software AG’s Six Recommendations for Securing Data in the Cloud

Current trends such as storing business-critical processes in the cloud and BYOD offer clear-cut advantages. But they also pose...


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