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Moneyball, process mining and on-field analytics

On-field data analysis is now the bedrock of every successful sports team – and business.

Process mining and Bart’s comet

What does process mining have to do with a popular TV cartoon series?

Efficiency: Higher, faster, further?

Is optimizing operational efficiency really the answer to the current challenges?

Process management trends 2020: Midyear update

Any predictions from the beginning of 2020 have been upended by the current pandemic.

Is resilience a quality or a skill?

Resilience is a much-admired quality, but it requires specific skills to make it happen.

WWE: Resilient in the face of change

 The energy and utilities sectors face massive external pressure to deal with the current disruption.  The ones that are...

Business Continuity Best Practices

Business continuity is your organization’s ultimate safety net, with an aim to minimize damage and to take the best possible...

Continuity during “Business as Unusual”

In these challenging times we see many companies struggling – both to ensure the health of their employees and customers,...

Difficult Times Call for Operational Excellence

 In these challenging times, it can be hard to think ahead. When companies operate in a state of emergency, they are...

The 10 Biggest Trends in Process Management

Operational excellence is top of almost every company’s to-do list in 2020, with process quality, customer satisfaction and ...


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