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Hackathon: How OEE met IoT

There are many reasons to join or hold a hackathon - from learning opportunities to creating some disruptive innovation.

The power of analytics: Getting value from IoT

All too often in Internet of Things (IoT) discussions, the topic keeps coming back to value - but how do you get value from...

Remote IoT monitoring keeps mine workers safe

Next time you enjoy some fresh vegetables, give a small nod of thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Deutsche Telekom Reaches for the IoT Cloud

Introducing a partnership made in Germany! Deutsche Telekom and Software AG have partnered to make a bold play - creating a...

Bring your IoT Vision to Life

There are more “things” than ever to connect out there—sensors and devices that probably provide the best data you’ve ever...

We are STILL Leading Edge in IoT!

The rapid maturity of edge computing is creating a new era of IoT architectures.

Raise your IoT IQ Level at IoT World
Come and see what Cumulocity IoT can do for you at IoT World, in Santa Clara, California from May 13-16 th.
Leader in IoT AEP for Five Years Running!

MachNation has named Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform as a leading vendor in its 2019 IoT Application Enablement...

Five Powerful Analytics Predictions for 2019

Data analytics is crucial to business decision-making – as well as to discovering new business models and revenue. As a...

Analytics has Never Been More Important

Analytics has never been more important as the amount of data grows dramatically; but data only has value if we actually put...


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