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Don't just monetize your APIs - do this instead

"How can we make money with our APIs?” This is a question I get asked quite often when working with customers on their API...

APIs under attack: upgrade your security now

The API security threat is often underestimated, as an increasing amount of security incidents painfully testify.

Designing great API developer experiences - Part 4

A great developer experience for your APIs does not happen by magic, it takes hard work.

Designing great API developer experiences - Part 3

Designing a great experience for API developers is only possible if you truly understand who the developers are and what tasks...

Designing great API developer experiences - Part 2

When you start to offer APIs to developers, it is critical to design a great experience for the developers using your APIs.

Designing great API developer experiences - Part 1

In their digital transformation initiatives, more and more organizations are becoming API providers and want to boost the usage...

Six open banking strategy blueprints

Since open banking has moved away from the area of "check-the-box compliance” and into the area of innovative opportunities, it...

Open up the banking stack

Banks traditionally preferred to have tight control over their products and delivery channels, but today’s customers are...

How open banking APIs reshape the value chain

APIs are revolutionizing the financial services industry by making core banking functionality, such as accounts, transactions,...

Seven must-haves for your API design style guide

Do you want to design awesome APIs? Consistency across all the APIs in your API portfolio is key.


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