Matthias Biehl

Matthias Biehl

API Strategist at Software AG

API Strategist at Software AG. Matthias empowers customers to discover their opportunities for innovation with APIs & ecosystems and turn them into actionable digital strategies. Based on his experience in leading large-scale API initiatives in both business and technology roles in banking, insurance, media, and telco, he shares best practices and provides strategic guidance. Matthias is the author of several books on APIs, and regularly speaks at technology conferences.

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  • Integration & APIs

    Who wins in open banking?

    As a traditional bank, you are increasingly under pressure to digitally transform your customers' experiences. Until recently, if bank customers wanted to use a banking app, they needed to use one provided by their bank – and it was often limited in functionality. Today, digital banks and fintechs offer customers an alternative with innovative, customer-centric technology, and are putting traditional…

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