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Sustainability is the top trend for retail in 2022

In 2022, retailers will be more proactive in gaining customers’ confidence and business.

Thoughts on Sainsbury’s ‘Just Walk Out’ London store

When Amazon announced cashier-free stores in 2016, I marveled at its Just Walk Out technology with IoT-enabled sensors. I also...

Three ways technology can help reduce food waste

Solving world hunger won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen without equal parts compassion, creativity and innovation.

Can technology prevent the ‘bullwhip effect’?

The notable shortage during the Covid-19 pandemic was toilet paper. Why? The sudden spike in demand could not be quickly met by...

Can technology transform the store?

Visionaries in the retail industry predict that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change the in-store experience.

Visibility is key to Tesco’s success

The retail industry is under enormous competitive pressure; Margins are down, and consumer appetite for digital and contactless...

Lessons from Walmart on IoT data

Imagine you are a large retailer with over 10,000 stores in dozens of countries and multiple ecommerce sites.

Wine-fueled thoughts on reinventing the store

Visiting sunnier climes while travel restrictions are in place might be difficult but some of the UK’s most respected retailers...

A (Suez) crisis of supply chain visibility

As if retailers didn’t have enough to worry about with Covid-19 impacting the supply chain, there is now a serious disruption...

Re-inventing the store

As retailers rush to compete in the online sales and delivery game, the solution could be right under their noses – their...


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