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Manual entry is Dead: Long Live RPA

It was about 10 years ago but I remember the conversation vividly: “How many times did you say you are entering product...

Google & JD.Com - New Retail is Coming Sooner than We Thought

 Given the threat of an all out trade war between USA and China, Google’s investment in JD.com came at an interesting time,...

Partnership and the Power of Three

Why would the undisputed leader in retail supply chain choose to partner with Software AG?  Well, like most of the customers...

Who is your Next Competitor?

You just got home, you are tired, but it’s time to get dinner started – what do you do?

Headless Commerce. Really?

I came across a new term a couple of weeks ago: “Headless commerce.” But what does it mean, and is it really a new concept?

Disruption comes Home
Last week a new disruptive business model arrived in my kitchen. It was not something I had expected, but it may be one that...
Thoughts on the Asda/Sainsbury’s Merger

Combining Asda’s and Sainsbury’s businesses can have massive risks from a technology perspective - but it is also a key area...

Is “New Retail” Posing an Existential Threat?

A new breed of retailer, embodied by Amazon and – more recently - Alibaba, could be presenting an existential threat to the...

Automate Retail using IoT

What if you could ensure your office never ran out of coffee? By using Internet of Things technologies on your assets, you...

Amazon and the Art of Instrumentation

From its infancy as an online bookseller, Amazon, founded in Jeff Bezos’ garage, has been considered a disruptive influence.


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