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Getting Predictive Maintenance Right

It is easy to say what predictive maintenance is – fixing something before it breaks – but it is much harder to say how it...

Treat Your B2B Customer like a B2C Consumer

We have already established that end consumers are lucky because retailers have made searching and buying goods online so...

Map and Design your Customers’ Journey

Just like it takes a village to raise a child; designing your customer journey takes the cooperation of nearly the whole...

Three Components of a Digital CX Revolution

There are three basic components necessary for creating a digital strategy for customer experience: discovery, engagement...

Appreciating the Digital CX Revolution

Consumers are so lucky; they can go online, do a little product research, then simply click to pay and arrange delivery.

Connected Manufacturing: Laggards Losing Out

Despite the hype over mass digitalization in manufacturing there is evidence that it is just beginning to penetrate the...

Supply Chain 2017: A Digital Obsession

From the strength of the Internet of Things to an explosion in automation and a severe shortage of operations talent, supply...

For Digital Transformation, Orchestrate your Moving Parts

Becoming a digital organization requires the orchestration of a lot of moving parts; many technologies and business units...

Don’t Let your Supply Chain Ruin Christmas

Unless you equip your supply chain with resilience you could be labeled as the Grinch who stole someone’s Christmas.

Manufacturers: Digitalization Means the Whole Enchilada

“The whole enchilada” is an American expression meaning everything –as in take everything into consideration.


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