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For Digital Transformation, Orchestrate your Moving Parts

Becoming a digital organization requires the orchestration of a lot of moving parts; many technologies and business units...

Don’t Let your Supply Chain Ruin Christmas

Unless you equip your supply chain with resilience you could be labeled as the Grinch who stole someone’s Christmas.

Manufacturers: Digitalization Means the Whole Enchilada

“The whole enchilada” is an American expression meaning everything –as in take everything into consideration.

Lessons from a Six-Year-Old: Use Your Imagination

Disney World is a magical place for children, full of creativity, imagination and jubilation.  My six-year-old loved it.

Lessons from a Six-Year-Old: Why do Last Year’s Work?
Homework is an (unwelcome) part of the average six-year-old American kid’s summer vacation. On the last day of school they...
Lessons from a Six-Year-Old: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

When children play football (or soccer as we call it in the USA) they tend to all rush after the ball at once. This makes it...

Lessons from a Six-Year-Old: Selling Coupon Books Is Hard
For anyone that has a child attending school, raising funds for events is a constant activity.
Lessons From a Six-Year-Old: Time and Trust

I was in the car when my six-year-old son said: “I have learned two important things from watching TV.”

Protect your IP & Tackle Piracy

The world’s largest manufacturer is China, which makes everything from low cost commodities to luxury items. China is also...

Manufacturers Move to Protect Intellectual Property

Counterfeit goods are big business; from fake handbags to drugs and electronics, they cost manufacturers a staggering $1.7...


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