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PSD2 Risks Becoming ‘Pop Idol’ for Fintechs

There is a dichotomy at the heart of talent shows like Pop Idol.

Catapulting inexperienced people into the mainstream music...

Why Star Wars’ robots are deliberately annoying

The Star Wars universe is filled with annoying robots; they are terrible workers, nervous, inattentive and sloppy.

AI Roundtable: What did we Discover?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will one day become so commonplace that it will fade into the background, according to...

Making AI Work in a Live Environment

The opportunity to grow financial services business through artificial intelligence (AI) is closer than you think.

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Profitable Use

It’s crunch time for the Big Data crunchers.

Digital Banking seen Through a Looking Glass

You will notice things are subtly different when you go into a bank branch, just like Alice in Wonderland did when she...

Banking 2017: Banks Get to Grips with Client Data

This year we will finally see banks begin to wrap their arms around their most valuable asset: client data. 

Capital Markets 2017: Choppy, Robotic and Pragmatic

Choppy regulatory waters and unprecedented political volatility will result in a more pragmatic approach from cap markets...

The CEO Walks into His Bank and Says…

The CEO walks into his bank and says: “How do we get to be ‘digital first?’”


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