SAG_Twitter_MEME_The-key-to-a-big-data-strategy_880x440_Mar18.jpgBig Data is gaining adoption and roughly 50% of large corporations have some sort of big data initiative underway.

Analysts estimate that the other half will start looking at it in the next two to three years and the Big Data ecosystem will grow exponentially.

The use cases driving the Big Data adoption vary; some are using it to analyze customer behavior and some are using it to train machine learning algorithms. No matter what the use case is, one thing is for sure: Big Data is a complex ecosystem and is becoming more complex - with hundreds of technologies and vendors providing innovative and sometimes overlapping solutions.

In addition to the complexity of the ecosystem, Big Data stores such as Hadoop and NoSQL can store almost everything from social media feeds to multi-media files, raising privacy and data security concerns. Looking broadly at Big Data use cases, there are the four critical capabilities you need to successfully and securely implement Big Data in your organization:

  1. Data Ingestion – Data from diverse sets of applications, cloud apps, log files and sensor data all needs to be absorbed by the Big Data stores. It is important to devise a strategy which can connect and ingest data from these applications in one or more Big Data stores.
  2. Data Orchestration – You will need to orchestrate data once it is in the Big Data stores. This is needed to move, cleanse, map or transform the data sets.
  3. Data Governance – Who gets access to what data? This age old problem is now even more complicated due to regulations such as GDPR. Is a US developer storing data of European customers and running pattern analysis? Not anymore. Governance establishes who can get access to what data-sets and to what granularity.
  4. Data Consumption – Finally, when the Big Data is processed and the analytics ready to be consumed, there needs to be mechanism which puts in guardrails and allows consumption via APIs, files and events etc.

Find out more about how we enable these four critical capabilities by watching my webinar, Four Benefits of using webMethods as a Big Data Gateway.

Watch the Webinar Here

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