Your customers want quick turnaround and a seamless experience. In other words they want a great customer experience. Are you able to provide one? Many traditional organizations are failing to meet these expectations and as a result, innovative companies which offer digital experience are disrupting the market. Evidence of digital disruption can be found in every industry all the way from music streaming to a very traditional taxicab business. If you do not offer a seamless digital experience, someone else will.

In Karl-Heinz Streibich's book The Digital Enterprise you will see how 20 of the world's most successful companies keep up with the pace of customer expectations by becoming a Digital Enterprise. Industry analysts such as McKinsey and Deloitte are focusing on the Digital business and highlighting the value of Digitizing your business processes. Every market segment now faces the challenge of digital entrants. The options for established businesses is clear: either become a digital enterprise or perish.

Recent Accelerating the digitization of business processes article by McKinsey clearly highlights the fact that digitization is not easy. In some cases, companies need to overhaul majority of their business processes. Sometimes it may mean re-inventing a whole set of processes to support a new business model.

That is exactly where Integration Platform comes in. It is very important to leverage the systems and capabilities that you have. Using a sound Integration strategy you can create new innovative processes while leveraging the systems and services you currently have. Rip and replace can be expensive and time consuming. Smart organizations re-use what they can and build new capabilities on top of existing IT systems.

If you already have webMethods Integration platform, you can start using it in your Digital initiatives. For others its not too late, give Software AG a call and we will be happy to show you how our Integration platform can speed up your digital transformation.




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