We are pleased to announce that webMethods Integration Platform Free Trial is now available on our TECHcommunity site. Even more exciting is the fact that the free trial includes the latest CloudStreams offering which allows webMethods users to seamlessly integrate Cloud based applications in the IT fabric.

The free trial license is valid for 6 months and as and when new versions of webMethods platform become available, we will make the newer versions available on TECHcommunity site. This trial is meant to make it easy for our evaluators and partners to get their hands on the most powerful integration platform in the world.

Current free trial includes 4 key components of the platform:

1. Integration Server

2. CloudStreams

3. JDBC Adapter

4. SAP Adapter

At webMethods we pride ourselves in providing connecting Systems, Applications and Partners in a single comprehensive platform which provides B2B Integration, MFT (Managed File Transfer), Cloud integration and integration with virtually every ERPs and legacy systems of record.

There are several integration platforms out there. Some of them require an army of developers to build interfaces and some of them require horde of modules making manageability a nightmare. The power of a platform resides in making integration easy no matter what type of systems you are integrating -whether its a Mainframe application or modern Cloud applications.

Take the test drive of the most powerful and comprehensive integration yourself and see for yourself what makes webMethods the platform of choice for leading companies across the globe.


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