We recently made webMethods Free Trial available to all citizen integrators and IT developers. This test drive version is getting fantastic response with hundreds of downloads within a few weeks of launch. Encouraged by the tremendous response, we decided to do something really special. For someone who is not familiar with webMethods, we have published 4 tutorials that will help you in your test drive of webMethods Integration Platform.

You can find these tutorials on TECHcommunity site. All four tutorials can be accessed from this link.

The four tutorials cover the four main aspects of the webMethods Free Trial.

1. Flow Tutorial - This tutorial will guide you in creating and editing IS packages and running flow services. This also explains creating document types and handling looping, branching and sequencing within flow. The best part is that code samples and the required pacages are included as well.

2. JDBC Adapter - This tutorial explains the steps needed to connect to a database and doing basic operations. You will need a database to connect to and then the tutorial takes you through the steps for connecting to the DB, creating a service and even running a basic query operation.

3. SAP Adapter - Connectivity to SAP is important for many companies and this tutorial explains how to use the SAP adapter included in the webMethods Free Trial. You will need a SAP system to connect and then this tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a RFC connection from webMethods to SAP.

4. CloudStreams - Last but not the least. The CloudStreams tutorial explains how to use the CloudStreams for cloud integration. Using Salesforce.com as an example, this tutorial shows how to create a Salesforce.com connection, configuring the API and SOAP settings for the Partner SOAP API.

If you have not downloaded your Free Trial yet, go to TECHcommunity and get started today http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/public/webmethods/contents/download/index.html

The 4 tutorials mentioned in this blog can be found here:





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