Cloud based applications are helping businesses transform themselves. For IT, cloud based ecosystems provide CIOs an enormous opportunity to deliver value to both business and their customers. That is why the adoption is growing at a fast pace. To meet the growing demand, market is flooded with cloud based application providers. Analysts estimate that around 2600 Cloud based apps are available today.

Unfortunately for the CIOs, much of the cloud adoption to date has happened across silos. Business units have gone out and self-provisioned cloud apps (such as Salesforce or NetSuite). Even within the CIO's organization, the adoption and usage has been unstructured. Different development teams and system administrators have adopted different cloud providers for the similar functionality and even provisioned multiple instances of same application.

Large organizations are using dozens of cloud applications today and in some instances also using multiple instances of the same app. This is largely due to the ease of deployment and pay-as-you-go pricing. As a result, an uptick in cloud adoption has left many CIOs with a tangled web to deal with. Business units do not want to deal with the complexity of integrating cloud apps with the rest of the enterprise applications.

Cloud might appeal to both business and IT but ultimately it will fall on IT to integrate it and also make sure that the usage complies with the rest of the policies around security and governance. If you am IT leader, make integrating cloud apps your priority for 2105 and see how Software AG's Hybrid Integration platform can untangle cloud for you.



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