SAG_Twitter_MEME_Free_Trial_May19-1Everyone likes a free trial, especially when it involves something you can actually use to do something really useful.

This is why Software AG is offering an extended free trial of webMethods Service Designer. It’s a lightweight, self-contained tool for building integrations and APIs, unit testing them, and running them on a microservices platform.

As an added bonus, it includes the webMethods TestSuite, which we normally charge for! This shows how easy it is to implement DevOps with our development tool.  DevOps and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous development) are an essential part of agile development these days.

Sized slightly less than 500 MB, the webMethods Service Designer is an integrated development environment that includes local service development, the webMethods Unit Test Framework and the webMethods Microservices Runtime.

You can get started with it in just a few minutes - download the zip file, extract it on your local machine, run the configuration script, launch it and create your first service instantly.

With this download, you will have out-of-the-box access to Integration Server recipes for easy startup and the Unit Test Framework for quick capture of errors in a CI/CD environment.

Deploy to the Microservices Runtime, a robust, fast, scalable integration platform with built-in intelligent routing and fault handling for running in the cloud.

Try it! Free is good! Limited time only…

Free Trial!

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