SAG_Twitter_MEME_Machnation_Cumulocity_IoT_880x440_Feb18_draft2.jpgMachNation, a pioneer of detailed independent technology assessments, has rated Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform as a leader ahead of 21 IoT vendors.

MachNation’s report, the 2018 IoT Application Enablement Scorecard, said that application enablement platforms (AEP) are a key Internet of Things enabler (IoT) and a critically important component in IoT deployments today. Using an AEP leads to a faster time to market, ensures a high-qual­ity, reliable, secure offering and enables enterprises to build competitive advantage in their markets, said the report.

We are proud that this is the fourth consecutive year that Cumulocity has been rated a leader; this is testament to the fact that the Cumulocity IoT platform is continuously progressing and adding powerful new capabilities.

With new connectivity techniques unlocking opportunities along the IoT value chain, it is essential that enterprises and service providers select a partner who is unceasingly evolving their portfolio to meet constantly changing technology requirements.

The Cumulocity IoT platform operates across cloud, on premise and the edge – providing enterprises and service providers with total freedom and choice in designing, building, deploying and upgrading enterprise IoT platform, solutions and services.

The report noted that enterprises should evaluate AEPs based on require­ments in four areas: a focus on the developer persona; having a flexible and scal­able deployment model; operational sophistication; and a well-executed partnership strategy and platform ecosystem.

Dima Tokar at MachNation said: “In our evaluations, we found Cumulocity IoT provides a highly ef­fective suite of on-platform interfaces to manage nearly all aspects of the IoT solution. For large or small customers, we found Cumulocity IoT enables fast and extensible management of on-platform features, enabling both faster and less complex initial platform deployment and ongoing platform maintenance.”

Cumulocity IoT comprises a range of pre-packaged solutions such as Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Track & Trace, as well as quick and easy device and sensor management, thus bringing the worlds of IT and operational technology (OT) together.

Cumulocity IoT is unique in that it provides enterprises with the ability to very quickly start limited-scale, cloud-based IoT projects and, as their sophistication grows, be confident in building IoT platform and IoT services that will grow effortlessly with them. Enterprises can develop and implement IoT services at the optimal balance between risk and ambition, at their pace, at their choice.

See the MachNation Scorecard by clicking below.  

Machnation Report

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