SAG_Twitter_MEME_Integration_PBI_880x440_Apr19 (3)What sparks innovation in your organization?  Just like a sports car needs a high-performance engine to function properly, your organization needs to be super-charged with the power that fuels innovation.

Surprisingly, in many businesses, that power comes from integration. From app to edge - and everything in between - integration is the key to unlocking the value of your data and extending your critical business functions.

But, very often, business systems and application integration haven’t kept up with the demands of the digital marketplace. Data drives differentiation, but how can it work while it’s idling in silos like unconnected cloud apps?   

To turn integration into the silent enabler of your business, it should:

  • Be approachable to business users and developers (with different expertise and backgrounds) alike
  • Support a wide variety of standards and protocols
  • Be able to live in the cloud, on-premises or both
  • Be able to connect to any endpoint – from app to edge
  • Be secure and governable.

Integration is more than connecting cloud software as a service (SaaS) to on-premises apps. It’s an integral part of your digital business – and should take center stage as you plan your strategy.  And as you build your plans, note that with the increased complexity of cloud and hybrid integration use cases, you need a multi-function integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Pre-integration with market-leading SaaS apps means that iPaaS is the easy choice for a digital-first strategy.  Our vision of iPaaS is unique.  Multi-function iPaaS deployments enable you to create low-code, high control integrations between apps, B2B partners, IoT devices and other data sources, deployed across a multi-cloud infrastructure. Combining the enterprise scalability of webMethods and the ease of use of, Software AG’s iPaaS is like nothing else on the market. How can this help you to drive innovation?

Read why Software AG’s is a recognized leader in the Forrester Wave: Strategic iPaaS and Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019 report by clicking here.

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