SAG_Twitter_MEME_Destination_APIs_Aug19-1It takes a single click. By exposing Adabas & Natural applications as standard APIs, you will gain control of your data in your API initiatives - and make it easier to move to microservices.

Adabas & Natural has made it fast and easy to expose applications with a single click, so your trusted applications can be integrated into new business models and digital services that incorporate IoT data, mobile-first strategies and cloud applications.

My colleagues and I have talked at length about the ways Adabas & Natural can and should be an integral part of your digital transformation initiatives. This is the core idea behind our Adabas & Natural 2050+ initiative – to not only bring your reliable, high-performing A&N applications into the modern world, but also to make sure they remain a core strategic asset as your business grows.

Every customer has the ability to connect valuable Adabas & Natural business logic coded in Natural or COBOL to any API management platforms, using open standards such as REST, regardless of whether the applications are running on mainframe, UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® or container (cloud).

Likewise, you’re in complete control of how you use data in your API initiatives. You can access Adabas data in real time, natively or via standard SQL, as well as replicate Adabas data streams to develop event-driven APIs.

Exposing Adabas & Natural applications as APIs can also accelerate your move to modern microservices architectures because now Natural, Adabas and EntireX functionality can run as microservices on distributed and scalable container platforms. You can even reuse implemented webMethods EntireX services without any changes.

And for every organization pursuing DevOps to deploy innovation faster while improving software quality, they can leverage a common EclipseTM-based DevOps tool environment such as NaturalONE to API-enable business assets with speed and agility.

The business potential of integrating Adabas & Natural into your API strategy is limitless, and it’s a core way you can continue to build your digital business future with mission-critical, ready-for-digital Adabas & Natural applications.

For everyone looking for a way to leverage the strengths of their existing Adabas & Natural applications for digital transformation, I strongly recommend you take a closer look at this specific capability for its combination of speed and impact.


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