SAG_Twitter_MEME_Fake-or-Fact_880x440_Nov18"Fake news" is very much in the news these days. The fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) that it spreads is alarming. What does this have to do with Adabas & Natural?

Well, it has come to my attention that there is a lot of misinformation about how Adabas & Natural fits in with digital transformation and new cloud-based IT architectures. Consultants who have a financial interest in pushing disruptive, expensive rip-and-replace strategies are embracing the classic disinformation strategy of FUD – spreading active disinformation, sometimes bordering on downright lies.

Rather than countering their nonsense point by point, I wanted to take the opportunity to show six clear ways to integrate your mission-critical Adabas & Natural apps into digital transformation initiatives, ranging from cloud deployment to DevOps to talent development for the next generation.

  1. Adabas & Natural Customers Are Successfully Attracting New Talent to Facilitate Generational Change

Customers are leveraging modern and agile development tools with state-of-the-art training to cultivate new, talented developers.

Case in point: At one European insurance company, half of the developers training in Adabas & Natural are in their 20s. A 17-year-old intern learned Natural in just five days! Check out their success story.

  1. Natural Supports Agile Development with Eclipse and DevOps

NaturalONE, based on the world-renowned Eclipse development platform, directly supports your agile development and DevOps strategy to deliver higher-quality business outcomes faster.

Case in point: The American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) switched completely to NaturalONE to respond faster to new business demands.

  1. Adabas & Natural Runs Cost-Efficiently Both On and Off the Mainframe

Lower the total cost of operations on the mainframe by offloading up to 99% of your Adabas & Natural application workload to zIIP. Or, save 80% on IT operational costs moving applications to Linux, UNIX or Windows without compromising performance.

Case in point: Alliance Healthcare realized major savings by moving its core Adabas & Natural applications to a virtual Linux environment, where it runs across 24 subsidiaries supporting a €4 billion business.

  1. Adabas & Natural Easily Connect to API, Analytical and IOT Platforms

Your Adabas & Natural applications connect seamlessly to business intelligence, Big Data, AI and IoT platforms. You can expose Natural business logic as APIs and microservices with a push of a button.

Case in point: Natural provides a one-click experience to expose business logic as standard API services.

  1. Adabas & Natural Runs Off The Mainframe in On-Premises, Container or Cloud Environments

High-performance Adabas & Natural apps can run in the cloud, Linux, UNIX or Windows; in cloud containers such as Docker, Kubernetes; and in virtualized environments.

Case in point: Today, half of all Adabas & Natural apps run on Linux, UNIX or Windows, generating major cost savings.

  1. Modernizing and Transforming Legacy Apps Is the Fastest Way to Digitalization

Reusing valuable business logic and data is the fastest way to digitalization. Gartner agrees that modernizing IT, rather than rip-and-replace, should be in your digitalization strategy.

Case in point: Contact us to see a proof-of-concept that demonstrates the value and speed of reusing your Adabas & Natural applications in your digital strategy.

I would love for every company using Adabas & Natural to understand how we’re bringing modern deployment methods and DevOps capabilities to their legacy system. That way, instead of taking a rip-and-replace approach, it would be clear that it’s smarter to increase business responsiveness, grow the talent pool, and enhance development quality for existing apps already critical to your business. Please contact us to learn how!

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