SAG_Twitter_MEME_Sweet_Factory_Aug18The Internet of Things has already entered the home, making it smarter and more efficient, but did you know it can do the same for your manufacturing enterprise?

The modern IoT-powered smart home is almost completely controlled by your mobile device. A glance at the current weather data shows you whether you should turn the heating on or off, can open and close windows at the touch of a button. You can even see that someone is delivering a package to you, or decide whether to open the door for a person – whether you are home or not.

Without realizing it, you are using a digital twin of your home controlled by your mobile device. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have such a 360-degree view of your company? You can. What’s possible for private is of course applicable for manufacturing. How? Using a digital twin powered by ARIS you can get exactly the same flexibility in the world of business. 

With a manufacturing enterprise digital twin you can:

  • Manage strict time-to-market deadlines driven by customers or seasonal demands
  • Improve supply chains to accelerate production and create high quality products
  • Align products and services with customer needs
  • Push innovation and exceed customer expectations
  • Deliver products in the quantity needed, regardless of any disruptions occurring around the world
  • Transform supply chains, relying on partners to provide product and service innovations that support customer centricity, operational excellence and supply chain resiliency
 How does that work?

 A manufacturing enterprise digital twin, built on ARIS, delivers real time data in an exact visual replica of your business operating model in one central place. Including process mining, the twin allows you to gain actionable insights into the execution of your end-to-end process supply chains and to connect process models with real-time Key Performance Indicators.

You can use these intelligent insights into your supply and demand processes and their dependencies. Compare operational KPIs side-by-side with documented to-be processes and drill down to identify patterns, anomalies and opportunities for improvement. Identify low-running processes with discrepancies or structural faults. Benchmark them across product lines to identify and roll out best practices - and simulate different scenarios to check the process alternatives and decide how to proceed.

Do you want to have the flexibility to respond and act accordingly, regardless of your future technology decisions or business alignment? Do you need standardized, flexible and transparent processes throughout the company that allow you to secure future growth through meaningful investments and new technologies?

Don’t waste time - start now with your enterprise digital twin!

Find your Twin!



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