SAG_Twitter_MEME_Free_Trial_May19The latest release of the webMethods Integration Platform, version 10.4, is now available for a free trial.

If you haven't had a chance to download it yet, you can do so now on our TECHcommunity site. Version 10.4 provides many significant functional enhancements to the product set.

This free trial license contains 10 key products and is valid for 6 months:

  1.  Integration Server
  2. Universal Messaging
  3.  SAP Adapter
  4.  JDBC Adapter
  5.  CloudStreams
  6.  Trading Networks
  7.  ActiveTransfer
  8.  ActiveTransfer Agents
  9.  Mashzone NextGen
  10. EDI/EDIINT modules

Take the new 10.4 Free Trial for a test drive! Check the FAQs for more information or interact with other users in the Free Trial forums. We also have extensive tutorials available following your installation of the webMethods Integration Platform, to assist you during the trial.

Tell us what you think! Please share your feedback on the 10.4 free trial version by either posting a comment to the blog post or in the Free Trial forums.

Check out all the new enhancements by clicking below.


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