SAG_Twitter_MEME_SmartManufact_880x440_Sep18-2How do you get a 360-degree view of your end-to-end processes in order to achieve continuous improvement in manufacturing?

We have already discussed best practices that achieve global efficiencies from process alignment, appropriation and monitoring, as well as how process mining enables you to quickly and precisely understand and correlate process execution and resulting value. Now, we will talk about how you can discover, measure and analyze process variants—from the most common process flow to a full visualization of all running processes.

This is best practice number three: Full lifecycle process management. The results of being able to see and measure all your processes are used as a basis to quickly start a detailed structure analysis of your process with the ability to identify and remove the root causes of bottlenecks, process deviations and performance loss.

ARIS Process Mining permits actual execution-data extraction from any operational IT instance and system—including SAP, webMethods, Oracle® and Salesforce®—thereby offering universal platform integration for any process stream.

The solution automatically generates a graphical model of business processes. You’re able to contrast KPIs, see gaps between intentions and outcomes, and take corrective action. The role-based dashboard ensures everyone has the most appropriate access and works from a single source of operational truth.

With complete end-to-end visibility and enterprise-quality management, your manufacturing processes can be recalibrated for the greatest success. With more agile and consistent performance, better and more effective management, and more valuable reporting you will achieve improved customer satisfaction, revenue growth and greater profitability.

This is manufacturing calibrated for success:

  • Continuously improve overall operations excellence or operations performance
  • Respond faster to market requirements
  • Attain more consistent performance across business lines and divisions
  • Improve operational planning that is directly connected to corporate strategy
  • Quicker incorporation of new technologies for products, operations or manufacturing

Software AG powers the world’s leading industrial enterprises, including nearly 300 manufacturers in more than 60 countries. Our solutions are leveraged on multiple industry cloud platforms, in support of a variety of functions, and work alone or with other technologies.

We’re able to help global manufacturers analyze resources and processes—by region, business unit or division, and SKU—and create operational and efficiency improvements.

Talk to us today about the three best practices for smart manufacturing.

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