SAG_Twitter_Organic_MEME_Voice.jpgAlexa is moving up in the world. In fact Alexa (Amazon’s virtual personal assistant) is giving Siri something to talk about.

The emergence of voice recognition technology is continuing to humanize system interaction between IT and its customers. Companies now want to accelerate the development of business packages that easily integrate with the likes of Alexa (plus Cortana, Google and Siri), in order to improve the customer experience.

With the right technology collaborator, Alexa and company have plenty to say. These devices could even supplant traditional reporting and queries by giving voice to multi-purpose, business integration platforms.

Do you want to integrate with Cumulocity and IoT devices? 

Alexa, how many times this year did we provide maintenance for device #C-1234?”

What about a CRM system?

Alexa, who are my top five, revenue-producing account executives?” 

Indeed, Alexa is flexible. Upon request, she’ll even query your MDM (Master Data Management) repository! But those are simple examples compared to the possibilities.

For our next Digital Business DEMOs presentation, Wednesday, November 8th, Alexa will join solution engineer, Goerkem Tuerkel as a special guest presenter.

In collaboration with Goerkem (and with integration to an ARIS repository), Amazon’s Alexa will recognize voice commands and deliver detailed responses to content queries in real-time. This you cannot miss.

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