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Happy World Environment Day!

It takes an ecosystem to protect the earth. On World Environment Day, we reflect on the technology that can make a difference on earth.

Gabriele Strobel Gabriele Strobel

In the natural world, everything is interconnected; trees create the oxygen that you breathe, the sun feeds the plants that nourish you.

This is the concept of biodiversity, which is vital to the survival of all life on earth.

Today is the United Nations World Environment Day, and the theme is biodiversity. Biodiversity is essential to ecosystem productivity; in an ecosystem, if one thing changes – no matter how small – everything changes.  By removing one element, you can ultimately lose much more than one species.

It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes an ecosystem to protect the earth. At Software AG, we have such an ecosystem and are working hard to make a difference on earth.

We have established a worldwide collaborative network with renowned universities and research institutes, enterprises, government institutions, and customers to explore new technologies – some of which can benefit the planet.

Our research team is engaged in some ground-breaking projects funded by the European Commission and the German government. During this process, we are repeatedly confronted with the social challenges of our time.

Some projects have specifically shown that the innovations can mean new options for implementing sustainable goals. Through this we can support many of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which provide an agenda to fight for clean water, clean energy and sustainable cities among many other things.

Here are some examples:

SDG #7: Affordable and clean energy

In some projects, with PHI-Factoryenera, DESPRIMA and SynErgie, we are conducting research that focus on renewable energy.

DESPRIMA, sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, aims to give beverage companies the flexibility to adjust their power consumption in tune with fluctuating energy production – thereby reducing energy costs. If the energy supply is ample, like on especially sunny or windy days, with electricity prices low, then bottling companies can increase their electricity demand by ramping up production. Alternatively, if the energy supply is low—and the price for electricity is high—they can do the opposite.

SDG #12: Responsible consumption and production 

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s REIF project aims to reduce waste along the food supply chain. The project will use artificial intelligence to identify levers for reducing food waste in the production of dairy, meat and baked goods. These food products are highly perishable and therefore cause a great deal of food waste.

Software AG is responsible for developing and building the REIF platform as the data hub for REIF. The platform will compile the data from the entire value chain and make it available to AI algorithms and the services based on them. The services and AI algorithms can then be moved onto the platform, which offers a generic marketplace for them.

Sustainability for biodiversity

We believe it is our responsibility to help preserve biodiversity and all that it stands for. By contributing to the SDG goals for clean air, clean water and many others, Software AG is helping to support biodiversity in the natural world.

We are proud of our ecosystem and its contribution to the achievement of the UN’s SDGs worldwide, and we are committed to doing more.

Have a happy and sustainable World Environment Day!

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