SAG_Twitter_MEME_Smarter_Pub_Nov16.pngIt’s happened to us all. You are in the pub anxiously awaiting a pint only to watch the landlord pull foam.

“Lager’s off,” he says.

Before you can say “I’ll have a pint of Guinness instead” he has legged it to the cellar to change the barrel, leaving you standing there thirsty and feeling ignored.

Now imagine you are in a smart pub. A smart keg alerts the barman to its imminent foamy end, he pushes a button and another keg is tapped. You have your pint, the barman doesn’t have to leave his post – everyone is happy.

Now imagine you have had too many pints and you wonder if you should drive home. You blow into a smart breathalyzer on the bar which is linked via an app to your phone and your car. Too many pints and your smart car locks you out of it, while your smart phone calls for an Uber.

This is all fantasy at the moment, but these capabilities and more are possible using digital technology.

To this end, we are going to explore the idea of building a smart pub at Software AG’s signature UK event - Innovation Day 2016. In our workshop “The Smart Pub” we will invite you to explore what can be done to improve a pub by making it intelligent using the Internet of Things. Attendees will split into groups where they will be challenged to build an “emergency beer button.” The first version of the button is not connected and the second version will be cloud connected.

The focus will be on showing the value of getting the data out of the device, and doing some experiments around the types of rules and decisions that the data can trigger.

You will be asked to float ideas on how to further improve the smart pub. There might even be an award in it for the best idea!

Other workshops such as this, including one that will ask attendees to design a better commuter journey using technology, are designed to show you the power of the IoT and digitalization.  

Our strategy is to encourage our community of customers - cross industry and cross function - to meet and share personal insights into their digital transformation journeys. The accumulation of three years of this event format has fostered a tightly knit network of professionals who feel free to share their experiences with each other and with us.

At Software AG we believe in engaging with our clients, educating each other and exposing us all to new ideas and technologies – all this adds value to your digital journey. We will be Tweeting from the event, so please use the hastags #SAGIDUK and/or #fit4digital (if you feel fit enough!) to help communicate your ideas and feedback.

Engage, educate, add value to your business: Innovation Day 2016 will do all three. Come see how at the Andaz Hotel, London Liverpool Street, on 16 November. 



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