SAG_Twitter_MEME_Are_You_Ready_880x440_Jun9Would you like the opportunity to take control of your ever-changing business? Here is your chance to learn how. Join our webinar From Strategy to Everyone: Building an Enterprise Management System powered by ARIS. 

In this webinar, you will:

• Learn how ARIS supports you in transforming your organization. Your business is changing – shouldn’t you change with it? In this exclusive and interactive live softwareAG.TV webinar, you’ll learn how you can gain total control of your changing organization and align the whole organization from end-to-end to the change initiatives.

• Gain greater operational visibility and see how to make future-proof business decisions. An enterprise management system powered by ARIS ensures the transparency needed to make impactful, future-proof business decisions.

In this webinar we’ll take you through the fundamental areas of total control and change:
o Transform: Turn Vision into Results
o Optimize: Achieve Operational Excellence
o Control: Secure your License to Operate

Learn from best practices and shared insights from real-world uses cases. Our transformation experts from the different world regions will give you insights on how companies use ARIS as their enterprise management system to turn their strategy into success.

Are you from banking? Manufacturing? Are you working on quality management? Are you a Risk and Compliance Officer? Or do you own the Center of Excellence for your company and are looking for ways to improve?

Whatever your role - whatever your industry, an enterprise management system powered by ARIS is the way to go and this webinar is the start of journey. We offer two different sessions to accommodate different time zones.

Come along with us and learn something new!

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