SAG_Twitter_Build_Scale_May17.jpgWhat’s so important about apps? Well, for a start, they help to build customer loyalty and relationships by providing a direct channel to them.

They also improve brand recognition and help you to stand out in a competitive crowd.

In other words, apps are very important for any organization wanting to adapt and thrive in a digital world. Therefore, a critical differentiator is your ability to quickly build, scale and deploy these apps. You need customer- and employee-facing applications that are engaging, scale for any scenario, and can be used on any device – all while avoiding unforeseen IT requirements that can add cost, time and complexity.

This is why Software AG has launched webMethods Dynamic Apps. It enables companies to quickly create a wide range of customer engagement applications, integrate them seamlessly with other systems and manage and optimize their performance.

webMethods Dynamic Apps enables the intuitive creation of smart, audience-specific, enterprise apps that run on any device; helping organizations to improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Amplifies customer engagement across channels
  • Improves business insights through real-time analytics by enabling continuous optimization, providing predictive analytics and creating automated processes
  • Enables the intuitive creation of smart, audience-specific, enterprise apps that run on any device
  • Supports various work styles – from fully automated (process automation) to dynamic, investigative work (dynamic case management)

The webMethods Dynamic Apps Platform supports different work patterns – from full work automation to dynamic case management – by providing comprehensive business process, workflow, business rules and case management capabilities. The Dynamic Apps platform enables both IT developers and subject matter experts to build process-driven and case management applications.

The webMethods Dynamic Apps Platform comprises a comprehensive set of capabilities including UI development tools, dynamic processes and a rules engine, case collaboration, a prebuilt native mobile app with push notification and offline work functionality, task expert recommendations, collaboration features, ad hoc reporting, as well as dashboarding and real-time analytics.

The Dynamic Apps Platform is a core module of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, an integrated set of powerful technologies, capabilities and methodologies for managing a digital transformation.

DBP is offered in the cloud, as a service, on premise, or in a hybrid configuration.

Bottom line?  The webMethods Dynamic Apps Platform speeds up and simplifies collaboration between business and IT departments. This means that subject matter experts can easily create productivity apps and cooperate with IT developers; producing, scaling and deploying enterprise-grade applications faster than ever before.


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