SAG_Twitter_MEME_New_way_to_cut_mainfraime_costs_880x440_Jul18If you had the chance to quickly implement a risk-free solution, without changing any code, that started saving you money on your mainframe costs immediately, wouldn’t you try it?

That’s the question we asked customers when showing them how zIIP-enabled Natural platforms, which routinely cut CPU consumption on the mainframe by 70-90%, will save them serious money and bring rapid ROI. Now we are excited to extend these features to Adabas databases as well, so you can keep high performance and reliability while cutting upkeep costs on both Adabas & Natural platforms.

A quick recap: zIIP stands for “z Integrated Information Processor,” a special purpose processor on IBM System z mainframes. zIIP relieves the mainframe’s General Purpose Processors (GPPs), and because zIIP processors are inexpensive compared to equivalent GPP capacity, any infrastructure or application functions that can be diverted to a zIIP run at a much lower cost.

In this context, offloading online, batch and database workload to lower-cost zIIPs delivers what may be the fastest, lowest-risk ROI in IT today.

Companies adopting zIIP enabler for Natural are regularly seeing their GPP loads reduced so much that their ROI is measured in months, not years. Even companies thinking about a future re-host to Linux® or changing platforms are benefiting because the results are so fast.

A few examples of customer success using zIIP-enabled Natural:

  • America’s second largest public pension fund recouped its investment in the first five months using zIIP with Natural. Now it’s saving nearly $80,000 per month, every month, and while business processes that moved to zIIP saw no degradation in speed, those remaining on the central processor now run even faster.
  • By using zIIP with Natural, a state agency in the U.S. is saving well over $150,000 a month in CPU costs, plus it avoided purchasing a new mainframe when approaching capacity.
  • A major insurance company in the Nordics leveraged zIIP to offload 90% of batch and 85% of its online workload from its mainframe Natural environment. The solution will pay for itself within a year, defers the need for a mainframe capacity upgrade, and reduces the cost of its mainframe environment.

Click here to read about more happy customers with Natural for zIIP.

The great news is that all the benefits of zIIP-enabled Natural are now available for Adabas databases as well, so you can achieve immediate IT cost savings while still delivering high performance and reliability.

Saving costs is compelling on its own, but we view zIIP-enabled Adabas & Natural as a stepping stone to larger digital transformation efforts. The move can increase the availability of your business data to your digital world while making the mainframe environment more affordable and attractive to include in your future IT strategy.

Extending zIIP enablement to Adabas is one more example of Software AG’s Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda in action. We’re continuously innovating with new products and services to ensure your Adabas & Natural applications — those that hold your differentiated business logic and high-value data — will continue to deliver value to your organization. There’s no reason to give up your mainframe assets as you prepare for your organization’s digital future.

To help you get started and see how zIIP-enabled Adabas & Natural will benefit your organization, we’re offering a free proof-of-value service to forecast your savings and ROI. Contact your Software AG sales representative before buying a single zIIP processor and see how much you can expect to save every month ahead!

Extending zIIP enablement to Adabas is one more example of Software AG’s Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda in action. 

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