SAG_Twitter_MEME_How_Webmethods_Dec16 - Copy.jpgCustomer data is only as valuable as a company’s ability to manage and consolidate it. 
And consolidation is the hallmark implementation style for customer Master Data Management (MDM). 

By consolidating and merging disparate system data into the MDM hub, a data quality process can be kicked off that automatically matches, standardizes and cleanses name and address data.  Should a particular customer record fail to be identified - as either a new customer or a similar or duplicate version of a preexisting or customer “gold” record - then a manual intervention should be triggered, bringing into play an additional set of eyes for further determination.

But consolidation is not the first step.  In fact, consolidation is only as effective and as comprehensive as MDM’s data acquisition process will allow.

These days I find, more times than not, a customer’s first major concern in their MDM evaluation is the solution’ s scope for enterprise data integration.  Can the MDM solution efficaciously collect data from all business-critical, systems of record?  Conversely, will the MDM solution be able to support the co-existence of customer subscribing systems which will benefit from superior data quality?   

Please join us on December 21st, at 11:00 am ET for How webMethods MDM Consolidates Any Customer Data.  A live demo will present OneData’s Master Data Management capabilities, and how this versatile solution can merge and synchronize any data source in order to match, group and cleanse customer names and addresses.

It should also be noted that OneData is that data quality solution for Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.  And when it comes to data integration, Software AG is a recognized leader.

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