SAG_Twitter_MEME_Adamos_Nov17.jpgOK, your first question might be: “What is ADAMOS?” That’s a fair question.

ADAMOS is a global alliance of Software AG with a Who’s-Who of international machine manufacturing - Dürr AG, DMG Mori, Zeiss AG and ASM Pacific Technology. These are leading visionary manufacturers from Germany, Singapore and Japan and are jointly addressing the huge opportunities of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

ADAMOS brings together leading edge Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT) and industry expertise, making it available to any manufacturing company of any size. And size is key to the question above.

Your next question might be: “Why ADAMOS?”

The question can be answered with another question. How do enterprises of any size deal with digital disruption (and the problem becomes more acute the smaller the enterprise is)? ADAMOS holds the key, which I will tell you more about later.

Digital disruption is the number one obsession of today’s executives and is haunting every industry. Just consider this: half of the Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 have disappeared. Digital Darwinism has indeed arrived and is accelerating.

Technology is advancing at a speed never before experienced. Radical changes are now impacting the whole product design and manufacturing process, from service delivery and consumption to post sales maintenance and upgrades. Almost every product will become a “smart product.”

But disruption is nothing more than innovation in action. So how can enterprises, no matter what size, harness an ever-widening portfolio of technologies to form their own unique strategy for innovation; a strategy that can be changed quickly, in real-time if necessary?

So what can a company do to protect its markets and explore the opening digital possibilities?

  1. Recognize the importance of data. It is possibly your biggest non-tangible asset if not their biggest asset. The Industrial Internet has connected enterprises, their customers and their products resulting in the advent of Big Data and the ability to measure, analyze and control facets of life that were simply mysteries a decade ago. These huge volumes of data are now driving machine learning and the incredible power of Artificial Intelligence. This makes data the single most valuable asset an enterprise can have.
  1. Learn from Europe. Europe has taken a fundamentally different approach to software development compared to the US. Although only one European company is among the ten biggest software companies in the world, this is not the full story. Many European conglomerates have thousands of in-house developers and could be considered Europe’s largest software companies: automobile makers, white goods manufacturers and large engineering and machinery companies are rapidly adopting Industrial Internet technologies. German industry is planning to invest up to 40 Billion Euros each year until 2020 in this area.

This shift back to in-house development is also altering the software vendor/customer relationship from a product-based approach to a strategic partnership. This is where the software industry must step up to the plate.

  1. Enter ADAMOS. ADAMOS is elevating the concept of co-innovation to the level of industry co-innovation. It is bringing the machine industry and software industry together, focusing on the industrial machine sector and developing industry specific IoT standards and shared services across a wide ecosystem. It lowers the IIoT entry barriers to manufacturing companies everywhere, reduces risk and allows for experimentation using state-of-the-art technologies. It allows for every company to accelerate its transformation into a software company, no matter what size.

Innovation has never been more widespread or more open to everyone - but it is not necessarily easy to implement. Co-innovation allied to increasing executive board technology skills is the first step to a new industrial constellation. ADAMOS is the ground- breaking example of how this will be possible. ADAMOS is the answer.

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