SAG_Twitter_MEME_2018_Product_Release_Sep18Fast-start IoT just got smarter, better and easier to use. Join us at Software AG’s second virtual conference coming this October to learn why - and hear about the new features and innovations for Cumulocity IoT 2018.

See how you can infuse the Internet of Things across your digital business with our comprehensive IoT platform. We’ve enriched our open, independent IoT platform that operates across cloud, on premises and edge, providing enterprises with pre-packaged apps, business user tooling and solution accelerators on top of our PaaS, to accelerate time-to-market for your IoT applications.

In 2018, our teams have worked intensively on supporting distributed deployment architectures, stronger analytics, and better usability and extensibility.

Key innovations include:

  1. Cumulocity IoT Edge - Provides a single node, single tenant variant of the proven Cumulocity IoT platform designed for the edge, e.g. at industrial PC’s, edge servers and gateways. Our single software architecture approach allows the same APIs, data & analytics models to be used from cloud to edge, thus simplifying development. Benefit from distributed architectures to streamline the flow of traffic from IoT devices, provide real-time local data analysis for autonomous operation and forward data from edge to cloud with filters.
  1. Apama for Cumulocity IoT – Makes our market-leading streaming analytics available within the Cumulocity IoT platform. Use Software AG Designer to develop your own custom streaming analytics and debug live data. Upload, deploy and run your Apama applications in the Cumulocity IoT platform. Benefit from Apama’s outstanding performance and first-class development environment. Crucially, the same Apama application can be deployed across cloud, edge, and on-premises and comes with enterprise global support.
  1. Microservices SDK & Hosting – Enables secure and cost efficient operations of custom integrations, analytics and applications using the Microservices SDK. Develop your own microservices in Java or C++, deploy and run them in the Cumulocity IoT platform. Security features include container-based isolation, resource quotas, centralized inbound request authentication, tenant access API & permission handling.
  1. Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) Support - Provides a means to remotely perform service enablement and application management for IoT embedded devices and connected appliances. LWM2M is ideal for managing low power devices and was developed for sensor networks for secure, low cost data transfer across many IoT use cases such as smart city, energy management, and location tracking. This feature reduces fragmentation of remote management for M2M, and facilitates more plug-and-play solutions.
  1. Analytics Builder – Get a preview on our new graphical tool for Apama in Cumulocity IoT Edge that makes it easy to wire together pre-built analytics, e.g. geo-fence, threshold breach, or missing data. Experience the new extensible drag & drop, web-based user interface to build analytical models, without a need for coding.

Grab a seat and join Software AG’s free 2018 Product Release Virtual Conference on October 9-11th. Be sure and register below to hear even more about of our newest product features now and in the future.

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