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Oil and gas industry meets self-service analytics

TrendMiner’s Oil & Gas Digital Event is geared toward achieving this through a meeting of the industry’s minds. Join us!

Julian Pereira Julian Pereira

The oil and gas industry has no shortage of challenges – from decarbonization to sustainability and resiliency – and with that comes the need for creative and forward-thinking solutions.

To deal with these issues, along with constantly fluctuating and volatile market pressure, most organizations already have strategies established for maintaining resiliency and sustainability – but with the increasing pressure to also meet decarbonization targets, new strategies and digital approaches need to be considered.

Digital transformation and analytics technology are at the forefront to lead the industry through today, through energy transition – and onto success for the future.

An important component of a robust digitalization strategy includes advanced self-service analytics, putting the analytics and the data into your hands so you can make sense out of the captured sensor-generated data, without the help of data scientists.

After all, you are the ones who know about the processes so can understand what the data means. Self-service analytics allows you to monitor, analyze, and predict processes for data-driven insights that lead to data-driven decisions. The results are increased plant performance and efficiency, reduced energy and waste, and safer operations.

A meeting of minds

So, on March 25th, TrendMiner experts and oil and gas industry customers will be coming together to discuss emerging trends in digital transformation initiatives and how to address current industry challenges. The event is free to attend and open to operational stakeholders in upstream, downstream, and LNG markets.

TrendMiner’s experts will present demos of its advanced self-service analytics and discuss crucial use cases. You’ll understand how this software will allow you to achieve continuous improvement to reach operational excellence. And more importantly, panelists will tell you about their companies’ experiences with their journeys towards digitalization and analytics maturity.    

You’ll not only learn how to fully leverage your plant’s captured data but also gain:

  • Insights into the most important opportunities and digitalization initiatives for the O&G industry in the year ahead. 
  • Best practices on how to scale digital initiatives successfully.  
  • Awareness as to why democratizing data is critical for today’s business success.
  • Multiple viewpoints/perspectives into the role that self-service analytics plays to materialize digital transformation initiatives and improve operational performance.  
  • Understanding of how important digitalization and, in particular self-service advanced analytics, are for achieving energy transition targets. 

The panel consists of these industry minds: 

  • Camino Fidalgo Alvarez & Juan Carlos Perdomo Ybarra (Cepsa)
  • Rob Barrie (Chrysaor)
  • Glen Milne (Spirit Energy)
  • Cindy Crow (OSIsoft)

It’s always better to discuss and share ideas to come up with the best solutions for addressing challenges, and the TrendMiner Oil & Gas Digital Event is geared toward achieving this through a meeting of the industry’s minds.

Take a look at the agenda here. And join us to take part in the discussion to learn about digitalization and how cutting-edge self-service advanced analytics can be used to leverage data. You’ll definitely want to attend.

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