SAG_Twitter_MEME_OPEX_2018_Oct18Come and learn for yourself what operational excellence really means at the 2018 Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Summit in Houston, Texas on November 5-7.

The event takes place at Houston’s Norris Conference Center, bringing together over 300 operations leaders from across North America to learn how to manage change, increase efficiency and optimize productivity – without compromising reliability, safety, and compliance.

This is something Software AG knows a lot about. And we’d like to take you on an OE journey to see what all the fuss is around the IOT and machine learning.

Come to Workshop “O:” Leveraging SCADA, IoT, Analytics and People to Drive Higher Asset Performance and Operational Efficiency from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. At the workshop, Saul Zambrano - Global Industry Director for Energy & Utilities at Software AG – will show you where the real value is for you in OE by using IoT and AI.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Technology trends and how to identify where technologies such as IoT and analytics can improve OE.
  • The characteristics of a good candidate project for applying these technologies from a technical and business perspective - taking into account cost, complexity, risk and ROI.
  • How different telecom networking strategies impact the business case.
  • The steps to get started - preliminary information that needs to be collected, stakeholders who need to be on board/committed, a timeline and plan that will increase the probability of success.
  • What to do after the first project. Often a successful small project doesn’t scale well within an organization. Knowing how to make these kinds of projects repeatable is an important part of successful technology and process adoption.
  • Existing technology investments: Learn how to make the most of what you already have: it doesn’t always make sense to ‘”rip and replace” infrastructure and software that’s already in place and carrying out a function for the company.
  • How to capture knowledge from the experts in your organization in a way that is reusable and repeatable.

This 2018 agenda also features roundtables, panels, case studies and other workshops on human factors, procedure management, digital transformation, process safety, operational excellence, cost benchmarking, operational tisk management, leadership and culture, operating model redesign, HSE Excellence, change management and more.

The oil and gas industry is complex and volatile, but innovative disruptors are finding ways to lower costs while strengthening their core processes. This is operational excellence. Come find out more, we would love to see you there! Click below to register.


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