SAG_Twitter_MEME_Process_mining_880x440_Oct19 (1)Like business process modeling, process mining is not a completely new discipline, but it has become indispensable in the context of global competition: Companies are forced to quickly adapt their business processes to new situations and technologies.

To achieve this, it is necessary to know how your business processes really work. However, processes are often not sufficiently documented; either they are not at all or there is a discrepancy between modeled processes and their actual execution.

Fortunately, when processes are executed in business applications, valuable process traces are created that are stored in data tables and technical log files. With process mining, you can leverage this critical capital to increase the visibility of your organization's operating model, achieve operational excellence, and provide a solid foundation for fact-based business transformation decisions.

Process mining at your fingertips

We have designed ARIS Process Mining so that each business unit can perform quick process scans itself to assess the actual course of business, improve process execution by eliminating bottlenecks, and answer questions about whether certain activities are worth automating. Quick process scans can also be the starting point to identify processes that are valuable for continuous monitoring and analysis based on direct system integrations.

To start with process mining, you need some data from the applications that are running the processes you want to analyze. An extracted log file must consist of at least three columns with the following information:

  • Process ID: To group all process traces that belong to the same process instance.
  • Function name: To name all your executed process activities.
  • Timestamp: To sort your process cutouts according to their actual execution order.

Once you have this type of information at hand, you're just minutes away from finding your first fact-based process insights.

With ARIS Process Mining, you can easily import your process log file and then either build your process analysis from scratch or use a pre-defined analysis template. These analysis dashboards offer you flexible visual interactions to break down your data and let your data visually speak to find optimization potential. Not only that, our AI-based Root Cause Miner instantly and automatically uncovers potential root causes of bottlenecks you identify in your data.

Your process management journey

If you are already an ARIS customer and have a rich repository of process models, you can combine them with ARIS Process Mining for conformance checking or enhancement. But don't worry, if you haven't got ARIS in place yet, or if you have missing parts in your process repository, let ARIS Process Mining do the work for you: Simply export your discovered processes to the ARIS repository and jump-start your process design and transformation projects.

ARIS guarantees that you cover all use cases of process management seamlessly in one integrated tool.

The time has come!

Start today and get immediate insight. Click below to learn more, and watch the latest webinar here.

Mine your way to success



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