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Can technology transform the store?

Visionaries in the retail industry predict that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change the in-store...

BANCOR cashes in on operational efficiency

When Argentinian bank BANCOR came to a crossroads in growth due to a lack of operational efficiency, it knew something had...

Deliver RPA performance with process mining

If you cannot measure ROI, you cannot manage RPA projects (to paraphrase Peter Drucker). After all, how can you know if your

5G campus networks: Opening new doors to innovation

The 5G campus network is positioned to be the future of industrial communications.

Super-fast delivery requires superb operational efficiency

A cutthroat competition is raging in the food trade: Traditional retailers are being challenged by providers offering...

Solving signal problems for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars… love them or hate them, they are coming to a city near you. In Germany, the Bundestag has just passed a...

Digital utilities: And the data beat goes on

Modern, digital utilities have a huge challenge managing the deluge of data that they create.

The yin and yang of open banking

Open-banking initiatives are underway in the Middle East, as many banks in the region see it as a new revenue-generation...

Smart Speakers are dumb without Integration and APIs

Even as human interaction grows more and more digital (Zoom, Teams, etc.), there is another conversationalist entering the...

Blockchain and IoT: The future of supply chain

Imagine a manufacturing company that has factories, assembly plants, warehouses and offices in over 100 locations in 20...


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