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Who wins in open banking?

As a traditional bank, you are increasingly under pressure to digitally transform your customers' experiences.

The new age of retail: Integrate everything everywhere

My first job in retail was in 1979 when I got a job as the “hardware storeman” at Beales of Bournemouth.

Stay agile to manage change

Over the last four weeks, I’ve shared my thoughts on the wonderfully underrated topic of management of change (MoC).

10 keys to a winning API developer portal experience

Let's face it; the end-to-end experience for developers using your APIs isn’t always perfect.

Software AG receives important analyst firms’ recognition

So far in 2021, Software AG has received recognition in three important evaluations from top industry analyst firms: ...

And the recognition goes to….

…Software AG for IIoT, full life cycle API management and iPaaS!

Ada Lovelace: She loved literature, but computers loved her more

This isn’t déjà vu, but how about celebrating the occasion again with the same fun facts about Ada Lovelace, the “First Lady...

Three drivers for modernizing apps on IBM Z®

There are three main industry trends that require greater connectivity between your mainframe and digital platforms, and...

Celebrate National Techies Day

The “star" status attained by several prominent technology experts - from Elon Musk to Tim Cook - is attracting more and...


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