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When demand goes digital, it’s no accident

When disaster strikes, victims should focus on rest and recovery, not on worrying if their insurance claims are being...

How to find mobile assets quickly

You are on a flight; you are thirsty,  you find the flight attendant…  to be told they lost the drinks trolley.

The spider economy and technology innovation

Large technology companies are growing larger by copying or gobbling up innovative predators. I call this the “spider...

Food for thought – a diet of data?

How many times have you heard the phrase “food for thought?”

How to piece together the IoT puzzle

When first looking at an Internet of Things (IoT) project, you might think it looks cut-and-dry. Then the proverbial rug is...

Is 2021 the year of iPaaS?

With software as a service (SaaS) use in the cloud soaring, adopting best-of-breed SaaS apps has created a huge integration...

IoT and the digital paradox

Many organizations are in the throes of a digital paradox; failing to use one of the most disruptive technologies to pursue...

Calling ‘foul’ on regulatory compliance

Referees get a bad rap when they call a foul on your team, but let’s be fair here: they also call fouls on your opponents.

For the love of Rust

If you are passionate about producing quality software, chances are that you have heard about Rust by now.


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