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Go carbon neutral with IoT

One of the more famous quotes in the scientific community is “nothing exists in a vacuum.”

The spotlight stays on APIs and microservices in 2021

APIs will continue to grab the spotlight on center stage this year, with microservices waiting in the wings to perform as...

Weifu keeps diesel engine economy running

Diesel engines remain the number one preference for agricultural vehicles, manufacturing plants, the military, trains and...

How to leverage IIoT for smart factories

As manufacturing leaders digest new challenges - such as choppy demand, inconsistent supply chains and urgent changes to...

Software AG: On track for 2023 ambitions

Two years ago, we started building a future of sustainable, profitable growth for Software AG; today that future is within...

IoT: The ultimate product experience

Think about the first time you ever used an Internet of Things (IoT) solution. (If you never have, you’ve likely been saved...

Balancing cloud innovation and business continuity

The challenges of managing the cloud journey for your business are undoubtedly real, from broken-up application integration...

But…we’ve always done it that way

Time to throw away the old rulebook and begin to understand how your retail business really functions.

2020 IoT trends that ring true in 2021

When you think of 2020, what springs to mind? Lockdowns, social distancing, empty shelves, online shopping, companies going...

What’s your IoT data lake strategy?

All data is not created equal – there is some you want to keep and some you want to throw away.


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