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A (Suez) crisis of supply chain visibility

As if retailers didn’t have enough to worry about with Covid-19 impacting the supply chain, there is now a serious...

Customer loyalty – the new metric for success

Utilities must figure out what the consumer-of-the-future looks like before they can begin to command their loyalty.

Cheating allowed! ARIS for SAP® Solutions

ARIS + SAP® = love. It’s not news that ARIS and SAP fit very well together.

Use IoT to meet sustainability targets in buildings

Your office building can significantly impact greenhouse gas emissions. So can your home. Surprised?

Add 5G to IoT to accelerate and scale projects

You probably know that data is fundamentally important for your business to succeed – and the ability to collect, analyze...

Collaboration is key to economic recovery

If we have learned anything from the pandemic it is that, for your organization to succeed, you need more: more...

Oil and gas industry meets self-service analytics

The oil and gas industry has no shortage of challenges – from decarbonization to sustainability and resiliency - and with...

Reasons not to drive business transformation through your ERP system

Major vendors of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems would have you drive your strategic transformation strategies...

Achieve agility with APIs and microservices

How do you modernize your existing infrastructure when critical systems are inflexible packaged apps that don’t play well...

On Pi Day, STEM skills matter

The challenges of the last 12 months proved that the world is increasingly dependent on technology.


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