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Earth Day 2021: Tech helps humanity become a part of the solution

Dolphins swimming down the canals of Venice. Jackals enjoying a stroll on city streets in Israel. 

Speed up your cloud data warehouse adoption with Matillion ETL

As companies adopt cloud apps at a record pace, data is taking primary residence in the cloud.

Spoiled for choice in the cloud

The cloud is full of new integration choices—and it’s great to have them.

Myth or fact? Understanding IIoT

5G, hybrid cloud, edge computing, data sovereignty - the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can sound like a baffling...

Combining risk and compliance management with BPM

Every day when you open the newspapers (digital or physical), you can read about data leaks, scandals and other mishaps that...

How to build resilience into your IoT architecture

Things are never so bad they can’t be made worse, as was discovered by a prospective customer recently.

Play your queen's gambit in IoT

Today is IoT Day, when those of us in the IoT community are encouraged to get together and learn from each other by talking.

Is RPA taking over the world?

Emotive words like “bot” and “automation” can make you shudder in terror, with visions of machines taking over the world or...

How 5G edge computing enables time-critical applications

Distance is relative. For an industrial robot on the factory floor, the distance between it and the nearest compute resource...

Reflections on the future of microservices

Although microservices is a simple concept and solves so many problems, there seem to be some bumps in the road to...


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