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Be like Clariant: Open the door to machine learning

Specialty chemical company Clariant, with TrendMiner as its partner, has unlocked machine learning (ML) to evolve its plants...

Process mining helps banks comply with sanctions

Sanctions violations in banking have become a political hot potato due to the situation in Ukraine.

Five things that can go wrong with process automation

Digitalization is often interpreted as the automation of business processes but taking a focus this narrow can end in tears.

Digital sovereignty: Regain control over your own data

What happens when you lose control of your data?

You could download something from the web that is completely misinterpreted by...

How to manage precious groundwater using IoT

World Water Day in 2022 is dedicated to raising public awareness of groundwater and the critical impact it has on all our lives.

Congratulations to our European partners!

At the first summit for our European partners, we celebrated our thriving ecosystem of partners.

How to build a digital backbone for your company 

When you hear someone say: “Get a backbone,” what do you think? You probably assume that the individual in question is weak or...

Detect the latest trends with Software AG Technology Radar

New innovations are the bread and butter of the technology industry, but they can also pose a headache for companies adopting...

Hidden insights: It’s all in the math

We have completed our terrain relative navigation. Current speed is about 30 meters per second, altitude is about 300 meters...

Women in BPM: Interview with Sarah Meiners, McCoy & Partners

I have a dream… that one day people of all genders, religions and origins will be able to sit together as equals at the...


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