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Happiness is... when you love your job

As  industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said: "There is little success where there is little laughter."

OEE: If you measure it, success will come

Small- to mid-sized manufacturers and smart machine makers need a way to better measure overall equipment effectiveness ...

Process modeling: Yay or nay?

Is process modeling redundant? A necessary evil? Or a blessing in disguise?

conXion 2021: A mind-altering event!

With conXion 2021 right around the corner (October 5-7), we’re pushing hard to ensure this important event in the Software...

Automating processes to help those in need

By automating, streamlining and integrating its processes, the department of Seine-Maritime in France has improved its...

GoExpedi transforms the digital supply chain

GoExpedi likes to describe itself as the “Uber-meets-Amazon” of the energy industry - and aims to do for industrial parts...

How our partners can be more like Michelangelo

As Michelangelo said, at age 87, “I am still learning,” Software AG also believes continuous learning is critical. So, to...

How to leverage data in the energy industry

The piecemeal approach taken by midstream oil and gas operators to leveraging their data is often challenged in providing...

Three reasons to create resilient revenues with IoT

131, 95, 83: These numbers sum up the three reasons manufacturers must embrace smart, connected products.


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