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Blockchain and IoT: The future of supply chain

Imagine a manufacturing company that has factories, assembly plants, warehouses and offices in over 100 locations in 20...

Visibility is key to Tesco’s success

The retail industry is under enormous competitive pressure; Margins are down, and consumer appetite for digital and...

Take transparency to the next level with process mining

If there is one technology topic that has taken flight over the last year or two, it is process mining.

Can you prove ROI from your IoT projects?

With Internet of Things (IoT) projects, proving return on investment (ROI) quickly is critical. And it is one of the hardest...

travelbasys: Pioneer of travel data automation

Travel is an essential value driver in the German economy and it feeds a complex ecosystem.

Customer experience and The Night Watch

What does Rembrandt’s painting have to do with customer experience?

Sustainability in water supply: Every drop counts

Just 2.5% percent of the world's water reserves is fresh water. And most of this is not available to humans at all.

APIs can bring legacy back to life

Behind every successful business stands a mainframe or a neglected enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform; unloved but...

Lessons from Walmart on IoT data

Imagine you are a large retailer with over 10,000 stores in dozens of countries and multiple ecommerce sites.


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