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Waste not, want not

Waste, wasteland, a waste of time, wasting away, what a waste, wasted opportunity, up to your waist in… well, waste.

Government: Keeping communities safe

Integration technology that can make data flow between government department silos lends a helping hand in keeping your...

With APIs, hope is not a strategy

Are you agile? I’m not asking if you can perform a back-bend without ending up in hospital.

Connect, inform, innovate at IoT World

Software AG is the headline sponsor at IoT World this year, which runs from August 11-13th.

Government can prevent taxpayers’ pain

In 2019, the UK Government was responsible for approximately £840 billion of public spending, which UK taxpayers would...

Applications: Context is king

In-car navigation systems aren’t new. In fact, in 1981 you could have bought a shiny new Honda Accord with a $2,750 add-on...

A year of black swans for energy markets

The oil industry in 2020 has been hit by double “black swans“– and only through operational efficiency, improved reliability...

Four steps to digital resilience

There are many lessons to be learned from the pandemic, but the main one is “be prepared for the next crisis;” here are four...

Process mining and Bart’s comet

What does process mining have to do with a popular TV cartoon series?

The End of Supply Chain Management?

Did you know that your country’s lockdown restrictions were probably determined by the analysis of Covid-19 infection rate...


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