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The 100-trillion-dollar jackpot

Can you picture $1 trillion dollars? In $1 bill terms the stack of cash would stretch almost three times around the Earth’s...

Should IT be involved with your RPA program?

You can manage your robotic process automation (RPA) project on your own... right?

Process mining takes transparency to the next level

If there has been one technological development that has really taken flight lately it is process mining.

State of play: APIs, integration and microservices

A connected enterprise is now essential to win in the market; you must have fast and efficient integration between different...

How data integration helps you thrive in a hybrid world

How do you get a complete view of data across all your platforms?

Operational resilience: A litmus test for the insurance industry?

March 2021 saw the publication of the Prudential Regulation Authority’s  Operational Resilience Instrument (ORI).

Four reasons you need an application rationalization program

Government agencies need more visibility into their application environment to understand and reduce their business risks...

Hunting big creepy crawlies using IoT

They travel by air, land and sea, in containers or hidden in raw materials, contaminating food and other goods. Once they...

Remember, your data will be with you, always

Industry 4.0, a new hope…

It is a period of intense economic rivalry…

New entrants, leveraging the power of global cloud...

Quantum computing is not ready for business use

Are you thinking of investing in quantum computing (QC)? My advice is "don’t."

Instead, you should stick to modernizing your...


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