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How to build an IoT data lake

Data volumes are exploding, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the driving forces.

Go to work, but keep your distance

The economic fallout from the pandemic is motivating businesses to reopen, but the fact remains that the virus is still an...

Guide to winning with microservices

I recently saw a job posting at a major tech company that asked for “minimum 12+ years' experience in Kubernetes...

Efficiency: Higher, faster, further?

Is optimizing operational efficiency really the answer to the current challenges?

Skills for a resilient youth

World Youth Skills Day 2020 takes place in a challenging time for young people.

Why IoT is a double-edged sword

The thought that the Internet of Things is a “double-edged sword,” may be troubling to some; in that it can potentially hurt...

Supply chain booboo for Boohoo

There is an old expression in business: “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the WSJ business...

Cloud makes uncertainty less uncertain

Having the power of choice is critical, especially in times of uncertainty - and these are certainly uncertain times we are...

Liberate industrial automation

True or false? Automation is expensive, time-consuming and complicated. False! New technology makes it increasingly fast,...

IoT: Connect more, connect faster

There are plenty of good ideas out there for using the Internet of Things but, without integration, many will fail.


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