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IoT: Connect more, connect faster

There are plenty of good ideas out there for using the Internet of Things but, without integration, many will fail.

Compressed air and the IoT

The paint job on your car is beautiful; it turns heads and reflects your personality.

Cloud-born, fast and beautiful

AT IUG 2020, Software AG‘s first virtual event, we launched an exciting new product, talked about business resilience in...

User groups shine in exceptional times

There’s no denying the relevance of user groups – but they take on a whole new meaning during times like this.

Making grocery delivery work

Despite dramatic growth in grocery deliveries due to the pandemic, grocers are not necessarily making higher profits.

Take microservices to the board

Microservices are a revolutionary technology that deserve a discussion at your next board meeting.

How to bake a connected water network

During lockdown you may have learned how to bake, or at least sharpened your latent cooking skills. You have seen that if...

Why IoT is like rugby

Why is the Internet of Things like rugby? Because, in both, it is important to train, learn and evolve.

Help for oil & gas: 5G and IoT

By embracing 5G and IoT, Middle East and Africa oil and gas producers ensure they can stay competitive.

A wake-up call for the business world

The shutdown of offices, retail outlets and other businesses around the world has been an inevitable consequence of a human...


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